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May 12, 2016
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July 5, 2016
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Who I am, who I am working to be

My name is Rich, and I am currently incarcerated at ________ Correctional Facility. Many years of drug abuse and destructive behavior led to where I am today. Before jail I sold drugs and thought I was untoouchable. I also thought I had a lot of loyal friends. I was wrong on both.

After a year-long investigation, I was convicted and sentenced to a total of four years. Then while I was in County Jail I was caught bringing drugs into the facility. I was convicted of promting prison contraband and sentenced to 2-6 years in State prison.

Out of the 50 plus people I called my “Boys” only two write to me, and those are the ones who weren’t involved in drugs/alcohol. Once I made it to State Prison, I knew if I didn’t change the way I acted and the way my thought process worked, I’d be right back in prison. I also needed to find a support group and maintain sobriety.

That’s when I found a self-help group called Cephas and started working to change myself. I set goals for myself to accomplish, maintain a drug free lifestyle and attend weekly Cephas meetings.

My ultimate goal is Freedom; not freedom from behind bars but freedom from the mindset that got me behind bars in the first place.


Rich from C___, New York

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