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May 31, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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What do you do all day?

bicepMy life here has surprisingly been somewhat busy, though uneventful. That is as things go concerning me. I guess there was a cutting in the yard a few days ago. I stay clear away from things that can get me involved with such activities. Besides that I am up at 6:15, go to the bathroom, then off to breakfast chow. I get back about 7, have a cup or two. At a wee bit before 8 they call programs then I am off to my vocational: floor covering., until almost 11. We come back to do a quick count, then off to our lunch here. After lunch about 12:15, lets say, we go to mandatory recreational from 1 to 3:45, and get 15 minutes for everyone to walk back to the dorms. There is a count at 4 then off to dinner at 4:30 and back by 5. At 6 they call programs and I go to my weight room prterjob until 8. Finally I come in, take a shower, then do the 9PM count. I honestly don’t get much time to myself and am tired all the time. [The beds in the dorms are horrible! – editor] The little 30-45 minute breaks in between things I use to read and write, which beside bodybuilding (It’s HUGE Rochester, HUGE!) are my favorite things to do. I keep to myself and live inside my books and letters. I do not put myself out there to too many people so I can be let down in some way, or used for the little bit of Commissary that I do get. People are always asking for something.

So that is how I spend my normal day. I avoid making ‘friends’ because you can’t trust people, and you are never alone and never can sit quietly for more than a few minutes. I work on my muscles and read.

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