Three projects for the rehabilitation of the inmates


Visit the inmates

We visit men and women separately in the Monroe County Facility.
They need your help

We meet in small groups, four to 15 members.

We discuss self-awareness, empathy, forgiveness and critical thinking. We use Houses of Healing, a book and video program by Robin Casarjian. Each course lasts 8 weeks, and those participating earn a certificate of attendance.


Visit the young men

We visit the young men in the Monroe County Jail.
They need your help

We meet in a small group, 2-4 teens at a time, discussing risk assessment, self awareness and making choices.

These are ongoing and continuous.


Sit and Listen

We are a resource for releasees
They need your help

We are a resource for releasees who need someone to sit and listen to them who is non-judgmental and naturally “on their side.”

Although we have no monetary resources, often a person trying to re-enter needs to talk it through rather than have a solution given to them.

"We have been sent to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the hearts that are broken, to proclaim liberty to the captives..." Isaiah 61:1