Wall of our volunteers!

Our Volunteers come from all walks of life

Three projects. Three ways to help inmates.

We are not trained as counselors or therapists, and we don’t offer that service. We are equipped to present the ideas in our textbooks, and to listen to the prisoners and released people. We offer friendship, empathy, and awareness that all those we visit are our brothers and sisters. We know that they are children, men and women who have been affected by the environment and their experiences in life. We don’t make the mistake of forgetting that they are in jail for a reason. But our faith takes us into the jail, correctional facility and the community to share the message that there is within each person a wise, beautiful, valuable self worthy of respect and needed to help in the work of healing this world, loved and loveable.
We invite you to join us. There are many ways to help both inside and outside the jails.

"We have been sent to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the hearts that are broken, to proclaim liberty to the captives..." Isaiah 61:1